It’s not too late

“Less reasoned, more toxic and more intolerant. A nation of division, intolerance, lower living standards and a slowing economy is not what people voted for.

Something terribly unBritish is developing and it is damaging our social fabric and our image abroad. It is so very far removed from the Britain we have known for the last generation. We have built up a strong reputation as an outward-looking country and a global player. The debate after the referendum – more than the vote itself – is what may irrevocably destroy this reputation.

Just four years ago, we stood together side by side as our nation hosted one of the most successful Olympics ever, our winning ticket being a message of openness, pride in our diversity and confidence in our place in the world. 

We are a nation with a bigger heart and a bigger purpose. It’s not too late to correct the course we are on. But it has to start at the top.”

Who voted for the intolerance poisoning the national conversation?

Seema Malhotra

The Guardian
Sunday, 23 October 2016

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