Things to do: Write to your MP about false prospectus and the National interest

Over 50,000 people have already written to their MP.

Here is a second letter you could send. It is better to take the time to write, print and post an actual letter as this requires a written response; an email does not.


Dear MP

An increasing number of legal and constitutional experts are saying that any move to trigger the UK’s exit from the EU, under Article 50, must be done within our own UK constitutional requirements.

Here are some examples:

From these and other articles, it seems very important that UK constitutional conventions and Parliament be respected before the Prime Minister can issue an Article 50 declaration.

From the first citation, here are just a couple of valid reasons why you as an MP and Parliament as a whole may decide not to authorise the issue of Article 50:

“As some of the core claims made by the leave campaign unravel, Parliament might decide that the case for Brexit has not been made – or was gained under a false prospectus.”

“Parliament could conclude that it would be contrary to the national interest to invoke Article 50 whilst it is in the dark about what the key essentials of the new relationship with the EU are going to be, and without knowing what terms the EU is going to offer.”

I believe that there are now many very obvious reasons emerging which suggest that the Brexit vote was obtained under false prospectus, and why it would clearly not be in the national interest to trigger Brexit now or at any time in the near to medium term.

Therefore I urge you to consider constitutional convention, demand that Parliament’s role be respected and vote to keep the European Communities Act 1927 (i.e. not to repeal it) so that Article 50 may not be served and Brexit may not be triggered; on grounds of false prospectus and not meeting the national interest.

With thanks


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