Things to do: Write to your MP


Here’s a letter you could put into your own words, and send to your MP:

Dear MP,

As a resident and voter in your constituency, I write to urge you to support a period of reflection and a pause to take stock of the EU referendum result.

The petition which many have signed requesting a Parliamentary debate on possibility of a rerun of the referendum vote is important to give time to.  As is the growing national debate. In that debate and in your discussions in parliament, I would urge you to pause before promoting any hasty action.

Whether one is in favour of remaining in or leaving the EU, it is now apparent that major elements of the campaign on both sides were misleading at best, and at worst completely wrong.  This means the electorate were poorly served in seeking to make an informed choice and thus the referundum process has been fundamentally undermined.

As my elected representative, I believe it is incumbent on you to assure that you act in the best long-term interests of the UK: please pause on hasty action to sever ties with the EU, please allow for a fuller democratic process – a parliamentary vote, a General Election, a commitment to a second referendum- and please do what you can to begin to restore national and international credibility in the UK – and confidence in our economy, our society and our parliamentary democracy.  

Without this, you and your fellow MPs will, in my view, be contributing to the short and long term demise of the UK; and permanently lost opportunities and prosperity for our children and for generations to come.

Yours sincerely,

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