Things to do: Petition the EU for citizenship

Things to do include registering that you value your EU citizenship; and in doing so demonstrating to the EU, people throughout Europe and to European leaders that you want to keep it.

Petition here :

European leaders are listening:

Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi suggested on 28 June that UK students wanting to study in Europe could receive passports from other European Union countries.

He was responding to concerns that UK students might find it more difficult to study at European universities after the referendum vote.

Mr Renzi said he would propose an initiative to allow UK students to have passports from EU countries.
“In other words, if a British student decides to spend two, three, four years in a university in Europe, we study now if it’s possible to give him a European passport – Italian, French or German.”

Sigmar Gabriel, the German economy minister and Vice Chancellor

Germany should offer citizenship to young Britons living in Germany given that mostly older voters in England and Wales wanted Brexit, the country’s economy minister, Sigmar Gabriel, said. “That’s why we shouldn’t just pull up the drawbridge,” he told a Social Democrat party (SPD) conference in Berlin.

Gabriel, who is also the vice-chancellor, told his party that the EU should think about what it could offer young Britons: “Let’s offer it to the young Brits who live in Germany, Italy or France so that they can remain EU citizens in this country.”

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